The Hatmaker and the Monkeys Once upon a time there was a man who made hats. He was a hatmaker. One day he had enough hats to sell so he put them all in his cart and set off for the market. It was a very hot day and it was a long journey. The man began to feel very tired. He came to a tree and sat down. He was pleased to sit down under it in the shade. Soon he fell asleep. He did not know that there were monkeys in the tree. They were very interested in the hats. While the man was sleeping the monkeys crept down from the tree and took the hats out of the cart. Each monkey put a hat on and then climbed back up into the tree. After a while the man woke up. He noticed that his cart was empty. There were no hats in it! “Where are my hats?” he said. “Where can they be?” He looked everywhere but couldn’t find the hats. The man was very worried. “Oh dear!” he said “What am I going to do?” Then he looked up. He saw the monkeys in the tree wearing his hats! The man was very angry and shook his fist at the monkeys. The monkeys shook their fists too! Then the man shouted at the monkeys and can you believe it! … the monkeys shouted back too! The man was getting angrier and angrier and he started stamping his feet. And guess what? The monkeys did the same! Now the man was so angry that he was jumping up and down , and of course the monkeys did the same. Monkeys can imitate well. They copy the things people do, so the hatmaker had an idea. He would get them to copy another action. He took off his own hat and threw it on the ground. Then he waited…and suddenly, just as he had planned, those naughty monkeys took off their hats and threw them on the ground. Very happy, the hatmaker picked up all his hats and put them back in his cart. He wasn’t feeling tired anymore and off he went to the market to sell his hats.==


The Enormous Turnip

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle